Patient Testimonials

Kathy from North Carolina

I had cataract surgery recently in July, and it was done by Dr. Harris @ Graystone Eye in Hickory, N.C. Thanks for helping me with this! The surgery went well, and I can see again clearly with two eyes! I am about to "graduate" per Dr. Harris, hopefully next Fri.-? last visit. Thanks again for your help! Sincerely, Kathy

Ron from New Jersey

Thank you for your interest and encouragement... The surgery went without a glitch. Dr. Spear is a relaxed and self-assured surgeon who inspires confidence - a very generous man indeed. I was more than a little nervous at first [I've never had surgery in my life] but the attending nurses who prepped me for surgery assured me that there that there was nothing to worry about. Needless to say I was amazed afterwards at how well I could see again. On my post-surgery follow-up visit, I was told that there was very little inflammation on my eye and that it was healing rather well for barely a day after surgery. The examining physician was shocked to find from my chart that my vision had been 2400 prior to surgery. All in all, my experience at the Northern New Jersey Eye Institute has been very positive. My pre-surgery checkup was very thorough and I was highly impressed with all the technology being used. I was treated with respect and without any prejudice due to my status as a Mission Cataract sponsored patient. Again, thank you Sheree and everyone at Mission Cataract USA for making it all possible. ~Ron

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